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Program Timetable


  • Catalytic Conversion of Biomass, CO2 and Light Alkanes
  • Photocatalysis, Electrocatalysis and Fuel cells
  • C1 Chemistry and Methane Activation
  • Catalytic Conversion of Harmful Gases
  • Nanomaterials for Catalytic Conversion

Plenary Lectures

  • Alexis T. Bell (University of California, Berkeley, USA): "Catalysis for the Sustainable Prodution of Transportation Fuels"

  • Kazunari Domen (The University of Tokyo, Japan): "Highly Efficient and Scalable Water Splitting Using Particulate Photocatalysts"

Keynote Lectures

  • Steven Chuang (University of Akron, USA): "Photoelectrochemial Conversion of Biomass/Organic Wastes to H2 and CO2: An in situ Infrared Study"

  • Xinliang Feng (Technische Universitaet Dersden, Germany): "Designing Porous Structures in Carbon-based Electrocatalysts"

  • Rajamani Gounder (Purdue University, USA): "Catalysis in a Cage: The Dynamic Nature of Active Sites in Cu-SSZ-13 During NOx SCR with Ammonia"

  • Emiel J.M. Hensen (Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands): "Novel catalytic Strategies for lignin valorization"

  • Yan Ning (National University of Singapore, Singapore): "New Strategies to Make N-containing Chemicals via Advanced Catalysis"

  • Wataru Ueda (Kanagawa University, Japan): "New Crystalline Complex Metal Oxides Created by Unit-synthesis and Their Catalysis"

Invited Lecturers

  • Janos Szanyi (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA): "A multi-spectroscopy/microscopy study to understand the deactivation mechanism of Fe-SSZ-13 NH3 SCR catalysts during hydrothermal aging"
  • Cathy Chin (University of Toronto, Canada): "Structures and Dynamics of Transition Metal Alloy Clusters during Catalytic Activation of C1 Compounds"
  • Zhiming Liu (Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China): "Environmentally benign Ce-based catalystsm for the NH3-SCR of NOx"
  • Yung-Eun Sung (Seoul National University, Korea): "Highly active and durable nanoscale elecrocatalysts for fuel cells application"
  • Chang Hwan Kim (Hyundai Motor Company, Korea): "Solving Future CO2 Challenges and Air Pollution via Fundamentals"