We are pleased to announce that the International Symposium on Catalytic Conversion of Energy and Resources (ISCCER) will be held at Seoul, Korea from June 30 to July 2, 2016, as the satellite conference of the 15th International Congress on Catalysis (ICC). The symposium will provide an encounter among the catalyst researchers with interest in the state-of-the-art scientific trends of the latest catalytic conversion processes of the energy and resources to build the sustainable future. We look forward to welcoming you to an inspiring and enjoyable program at the heart of Seoul, Korea.

Seong Ihl Woo, Chair of the Symposium

ISCCER intivation letter is now uploaded. Please download and use if you need.

Plenary Lectures

  1. Alexis T. Bell (University of California, Berkeley, USA): "Catalysis for the Sustainable Production of Transportation Fuels"

  2. Kazunari Domen (The University of Tokyo, Japan): "Highly Efficient and Scalable Water Splitting Using Particulate Photocatalysts"

Keynote Lectures

  1. Steven Chuang (University of Akron, USA): "Photoelectrochemical Conversion of Biomass/Organic Wastes to H2 and CO2: An in situ Infrared Study"

  2. Xinliang Feng (Technische Universitaet Dresden, Germany): "Designing Porous Structures in Carbon-based Electrocatalysts"

  3. Rajamani Gounder (Purdue University, USA): "Catalysis in a Cage: The Dynamic Nature of Active Sites in Cu-SSZ-13 During NOx SCR with Ammonia"

  4. Emiel J.M. Hensen (Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands): "Novel catalytic strategies for lignin valorization"

  5. Yan Ning (National University of Singapore, Singapore): "New Strategies to Make N-containing Chemicals via Advanced Catalysis"

  6. Wataru Ueda (Kanagawa University, Japan): "New Crystalline Complex Metal Oxides Created by Unit-synthesis and Their Catalysis"

Invited Lectures

  1. Janos Szanyi (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA): "A multi-spectroscopy/microscopy study to understand the deactivation mechanism of Fe-SSZ-13 NH3 SCR catalysts during hydrothermal aging"
  2. Cathy Chin (University of Toronto, Canada): "Structures and Dynamics of Transition Metal Alloy Clusters during Catalytic Activation of C1 Compounds"
  3. Zhiming Liu (Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China): "Environmentally benign Ce-based catalystsm for the NH3-SCR of NOx"
  4. Yung-Eun Sung (Seoul National University, Korea): "Highly active and durable nanoscale electrocatalysts for fuel cells application"
  5. Chang Hwan Kim (Hyundai Motor Company, Korea): "Solving Future CO2 Challenges and Air Pollution via Fundamentals"

Organizing Committee

Chair: Prof. Seong Ihl Woo (KAIST)

Co-Chair: Prof. Kwan-Young Lee (Korea University)

Vice-Chair: Prof. Jong-Ki Jeon (Kongju National University)

Secretary: Prof. Do Heui Kim (Seoul National University)

Program Chairs: Prof. Hyunjoo Lee (KAIST)

      Prof. Young-Woong Suh (Hanyang University)

      Prof. Eun Duck Park (Ajou University)

      Prof. Minkee Choi (KAIST)

Treasurer: Prof. Jung Min Sohn (Chonbuk National University)